Rent, sales & repairs

Rent, sales & repairs

To make things easier on our customers, we now offer an Rent, sales & repairs for equipment’s. If you want to practice and know how it is, but do not have the equipment you can rent any of our equipment in the school.

In case that you have some broke equipment and repairs on it in Kite Legend School we do it for you.  Please come with the equipment to repair if you to Chaparral Beach in Puerto Plata, Orange Market.  This way when your kite arrives at the shop, we will  check it and  what is the problem that needs to be taken care of.

In case you  need new equipment we also sales for you, new or used equipment’s in very good condition.

If you are instresting in learn how to kite in a safe mode in order on IKO Standar, come to Dominican Republic in Puerto; beautiful place to go, with awesome people and some of the most important beaches in the world for practice and make kitesurfing, kiteboarding, surf, Paddle surf.

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