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Paddle boarding is a variant of surfing in recent years has gained more followers to become one of the most relaxing and safe water sports practiced on stage in water.
This sport attracts  lot of people over the world young, olders, male and female. You can go offshore, but also in lakes, rivers and bays, and offers the opportunity to enjoy this great sport.
In our school we offer many options that you can learn the sport and achieve stand up with the help of our trained and certified instructors, We will know which level  you have and  enable you to stand up and paddle in the water of our exclusive Chaparral beach in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and then you can do it anywhere in the world.

Our basic learning cycle provides ground training before going in the water with one of our instructors.
Up in the paddle board and paddle may seem very simple, many people do it incorrectly to take one of our classes. Our instructors can perfect their body position and make sure that you are using your base and achieve optimal results.

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Liability Insurance Coverage for All Students

We understand the importance of your safety while participating in our sports activities. We take our responsibility very seriously when providing a safe and fun learning environment to all of our students. Therefore, all students and participants at the Kite Legend School are fully insured if any incidents occur within the school grounds while participating in Kite Legend School activities including kitesurfing, paddleboarding and surfing. Liability coverage including damage to participants’ property, medical expenses to all students in case of an emergency and legal expenses coverage. Learn kitesurfing worry free with the Kite Legend School and enjoy life on the beautiful ocean.