Kite Legend school location
address: Playa Chaparral.Costa Dorada, Puerto Plata 330. local  No 31Orange Market, . Dominican Republic.
Phone Number: +1 809 603 5860

Kite Legend school location in the Chaparral beach, Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. This Beach is the best place to go and hang out with friends of all ages and family. Our Staff of work are skilled and trained people to provide the best care and service desired. “Hundreds of people visit every week this place is considered as the most beautiful on the North Coast for their acalidas waters, sand and attractive sol.Playa Chaparral is conditioned to welcome domestic and foreign tourists this summer. It’s a cozy place near the city, serving all members of society at affordable prices for everyone. “In this spa kids, adults, men and women, are free from danger, with the largest variety of articles and products obtained by the lower prices. Market Association orange, which has 44 members who provide service in restaurant specialty shops in all kinds of goods outlets amber handicrafts and others, which is a must visit go to the left before reaching Dorada and enjoy healthy, friendly and good delivery times that offer beach.

You can find us on google map, also on Tripadvisor.

The Kite Legend School location is in the Orange Market in Chaparral Beach local no 31, Visit us and learn safe and fun