Kitesurfing group lessons

With our modular IKO licensing system you can now learn as you go (or travel). The level IKO certification is nationwide & even internationally recognized, so should a bad weather period stop you from reaching your goals at one school location, you can start right were you stopped at another.

Kitesurfing group lessons are perfect for couples, friends or families who want to learn Kite Surfing in a fun and affordable way. Group sizes are either 2 or 5 people per Instructor. Individual people can join group lessons if we have another client available to make up a pair. People on a Group Lesson learn the Buddy System where 2 people learn while sharing one Kite. This allows people to watch and learn while their Buddy practices before trying themselves.

Liability Insurance Coverage for All Students

We understand the importance of your safety while participating in our sports activities. We take our responsibility very seriously when providing a safe and fun learning environment to all of our students. Therefore, all students and participants at the Kite Legend School are fully insured if any incidents occur within the school grounds while participating in Kite Legend School activities including kitesurfing, paddleboarding and surfing. Liability coverage including damage to participants’ property, medical expenses to all students in case of an emergency and legal expenses coverage. Learn kitesurfing worry free with the Kite Legend School and enjoy life on the beautiful ocean.

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If you are instresting in learn how to kite in a safe mode in order on IKO Standar, come to Dominican Republic in Puerto; beautiful place to go, with awesome people and some of the most important beaches in the world for practice and make kitesurfing, kiteboarding, surf, Paddle surf.

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